User status settings

You can set the status to "Available" so that other users can check if the call is available before transferring the call or calling an extension. It is also possible to automatically set the status to "in post-processing" when a call is finished and a response memo is being registered.


Change status manually

  1. Click the "▼" button for MiiTel Phone.
  2. Click on any status.

  1. Selecting each status will cause the MiiTel Phone screen to switch to "Post-Processing" or "Away".

__________2021-02-01_16.57.39.png __________2021-02-01_16.57.29.png

  1. Click the [Back to Waiting] button to return to receiving calls.
If the [ ▼ ] button for changing status is not displayed, your phone may be set to not accept incoming calls. To change the status, follow the steps below to change the setting.
1. Click the [Settings] button on your MiiTel Phone (the gear button)
2. Click the [Do not accept incoming calls] checkbox to uncheck it
3. Click the [Save] button

When the automatic status change is set


There is a ACW setting that allows you to automatically set the status to "In post-processing" when you register a response memo after a call ends. Setting this to Auto will prevent your MiiTel Phone from ringing while you are working on post-processing or data entry after a call. If this is set to automatic, the following steps will return you to the waiting status.


  • After the call ends, the answer memo screen will be displayed.
  • Check the appropriate response memo items and click the [Register] button. .


    ・ If ACW setting is set, incoming calls will not be accepted even when the answering memo screen is displayed.
    - If the answering memo is not enabled, the answering memo screen will not be displayed and the "Post-processing" screen will be displayed after the call ends.
    1. The "Processing" screen will appear on the MiiTel Phone screen.
    2. When you are ready to receive an incoming call, click the [Back to Waiting] button.

    1. The status will be changed to Waiting status and the keypad screen will be displayed.


    Automatically change status


    In the Softphone Settings screen, you can set a feature called Auto ACW to automatically set the status to "In Post-Processing" when a call ends.

    You can use this feature to prevent incoming calls from being accepted while a response memo is being registered.

    You need to have MiiTel admin privileges to configure this setting.
    1. In MiiTel Analytics [Settings] __________2019-10-01_18.33.51.png.
    2. Click Softphone Settings.
    3. Check the "Enable feature" box for Automatic ACW.
    4. Click the "Save" button.

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