Operating buttons during a call (MiiTel Phone Mobile)

During a call, the screen displays seven buttons: Mute, Keypad, Speaker, Hold, Transfer, Bookmark, and End, and you can tap them to perform each operation.


button. png

A. Mute : Tap the [Mute] button if you want the other party to not be able to hear you. Tap the [Mute] button again to unmute.


B. Keypad : To send a push signal, tap the [Keypad] button and then tap the dial button. button to display the dial button.


C. Speaker : Tap the Speaker button to output the other person's voice to the speaker. To return from speaker output to normal audio output, tap the [Speaker] button again.


D. Hold : If you are on a call and want to put the caller on hold, tap the Hold button. The other party will hear a hold tone. To release, tap the Hold button again.


E. Call Forwarding : Tap the [Call Forward] button to forward a call to an extension or an outside line.


F. Bookmarks : Tap the "Bookmarks" button when you want to look back on the conversation after the call is over to create an audio history of the call from the time you tapped the button or to leave a note (you can replay the history or add a note using MiiTel Analytics History screen).


G. End : Tap the End button to end the call.


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