Extract recorded data (Comment tool)

When you wish to share a recorded data, you can extract parts of the data you wish to share.


How to extract recorded data

  1. In MiiTel Analytics, click Call History __________2019-09-30_19.19.59_2.png.
  2. Click the call history you want to share from the list on the left.
  3. Slide the "○" in the audio waveform to the part of the audio you want to extract.


  1. Click Comment.


  1. Scroll down and check if the play time of the extract is entered in the Comment box.


  1. In the Comment box, please feel free to write a description or comment of the extract part and click Register.


The comment will be created as the following.


If you want to specify the range of the extract audio, fill in the play time with "-".
Example: 00:31 - 1:20

How to share recorded data

A unique URL will be created for each comment you create. You can share this URL so to share the extract audio.

  1. Click Share in the comment you have created.


  1. Click Copy to Clipboard to copy the URL.


  1. Share the copied URL by pasting this into an email or chat.

How to check the extracted audio

  1. Click on the shared URL to view the MiiTel Analytics call history with a slider set to the extracted section.


  1. Click  [▶︎ Play]  to play the audio.

How to play from comments

  1. Click on the play time of the audio in the comments box.
  2. The slider will be set to the extracted part.
  3. Click [▶︎ Play] to play the audio.


Any comment that is created, can be viewed by any user in your organization. However, editing and deleting can only be done by the person who created the comment.

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