Comment tool

You can include comments in each call history. Also, you can create a link to the specified playback position of the audio in the comment box so team members can play back the recorded audio of that call to provide you with some feedback.


How to enter a comment

  1. Click Call History headphones-solid__1_.svg in MiiTel Analytics.
  2. Select the call history from the list and scroll down to Comment.
  3. After you enter your comment, click Register.


  1. Your registered comment will be displayed as below.



  •   With Slack integration, a message can be sent to Slack notifying you that a comment has been registered in the call history.

How to create a link by specifying the playback position of the call history

  1. In MiiTel Analytics, click Call History headphones-solid__1_.svg.
  2. Click the call history you want to share from the list on the left.
  3. Slide [] to the position where you want the audio to be played.


  1. Click Comment.


  1. Scroll down to Comment and you will see the time of the playback position in the box.


  1. Enter the explanation or comments in the box then click Register.


The comment will be created as the following.



  •   If you want to specify the range, fill in the playtime with "-".
    Example: 00:31 - 1:20

How to share your comment with others

A URL is available for each comment. Users can access the comment by clicking its URL.

  1. Click Share in the comment you have created.


  1. Click Copy to clipboard to copy the URL.


  1. Share the copied URL by pasting it into an email or chat.

How to play from comments

  1. Click on the playtime of the audio in the comments box.
  2. A slider will be set on the specified position of the audio.
  3. Click [▶︎ Play] to play the audio.



  •   Any comment that is created, can be viewed by any user in your organization. However, editing and deleting can only be done by the person who created the comment.

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