three way calling

The three-way calling feature allows third parties from the same organization to join the call.

For example, when an account sales representative is on a call with a customer and receives a technical question from the customer, the technical sales representative can join the call to provide a supplementary explanation to the customer.

For the function of giving advice without the caller hearing it, the whispering function ( Whispering feature).


  • Only one user can join a call at a time using this feature.
  • This feature is not a feature to invite users outside your organization (so-called conference call feature).
  • The speech of all three-way call participants is recorded and displayed in the speech recognition results (transcription). However, in current use, it is not possible to specifically classify more than two speakers.

How to operate by searching from the user list

  1. Click the [Users & Contacts] button.

    Click the [User/Contact] button.

  2. Click the [User/Contact] button.

  3. Click the user who is answering the call that you want to apply the third party calling feature to.


  4. Click "Join three-way call" to start a three-way call.


How to operate by entering an extension number


It is also possible to set up the start of a three-way call by dialing the "77" number.

You can also set up the start of a three-way call by dialing "77".

  1. The user making the three-way call (the party joining the call) dials "77" on the MiiTel Phone.


  2. Follow the voice guidance and enter the target user's extension number and "#" on the keypad to make a three-way call.


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