Group Call

Group Call is a feature that allows a third person from the same organization to join the call.

For example, when an account sales representative is on the phone with a customer and receives a technical question from the customer, the technical sales representative can join the call to provide an explanation to the customer.

For information about a feature that a third person can advise the caller without the other person on the line hearing the details, please use the whispering feature.



  •   From this feature, only one other user can join the call.
  •   Group call is not a feature for inviting users outside your organization (Not used as a conference call feature, conference call, etc.).
  •   All participants' conversations are recorded and displayed in the speech recognition results (chat transcript). However, the current specification does not specifically clarify more than two speakers.

How to do group calls by searching from the Users list

How to do group calls by entering the extension number

You can make group calls by entering the user's extension number after entering 77*. (You can do this the same way by the Wide mode.)


How to switch to monitoring or whispering during the group call

While you are doing a group call, you can switch to monitoring or whispering to support other members without interrupting the conversation with the customer.

(This feature is available from January 5, 2023.)

  1. Click Group call on the MiiTel Phone Mobile screen.


  1. Click the feature you would like to use.


  1. You can start monitoring or whispering. (After you click the feature, the currently used feature will be shown on the screen as shown below.)


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