How to create a call memo

Call memo is one of MiiTel Phone's features, which is similar to a tag. You can use the call memos to categorize the call histories. If you enable the call memo, you can see the list of call memos during or after the phone call. (You can also save the call memo in meeting histories on Video Analytics.) After you save call memos to each call history, you can collect the data on the dashboard or search the call histories more effectively.

To use the call memo feature, you need to create a call memo list in MiiTel Admin.




How to create a call memo

  1. Log in to MiiTel Admin.
  2. Click Call Memo > Call Memo.
  3. Check Enable call memo and click Save.
  4. Click Add parent item.
  5. Enter the call memo in the box.
  6. If you want to add notes to the same call memo, click Add child item and enter the details in the new box.
  7. After you've finished entering the call memos, click Save.



  •  You can enter emojis in the call memo.
  •  You can save up to 100 call memos.
  •  You can enter up to 512 characters in the box.
  •  The call memos with Mark as positive impression checked can be searched all together in Filtering conditions.


<Mark as positive impression>



<Filtering conditions>


How to change the ordering of call memos

The ordering of the call memos (in the call memo page during or after the call) is displayed in the order in which the memos got first displayed in the call memo page. To change the ordering of the call memos, drag and drop the __________2021-09-17_13.56.48.png icon, which is located on the left side of the call memo. (Please see the image below for your guide.)
After you've changed the ordering, click Save.


The locations where the ordering changes are reflected

  • The call memo screen that is displayed during or after the phone call
  • The pull-down list in Add call memo of Call History.


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