How to register a call memo to the call history

Call memo is one of MiiTel Phone's features, and it is similar to putting a tag on the call history. You can add call memos to the call history and use them as a memo. Also, you can use the call memo in the dashboard for aggregation and analysis purposes. This memo is also convenient as you can use the keywords in the memo to find past call histories. You can also change the settings to register the call memos with the Salesforce activity history by the Salesforce task integration.

You will first need to set the call memo items in advance. For details, please check How to create a call memo.


Register a call memo on MiiTel Phone

If you do not see the call memo you wish to save in the list, you can create a new call memo by clicking plus-circle-regular.svg create new call memo. The call memo that is created from the steps above, will not be added to the call memo list.
If you would like to know how to add the new memo to the list, please refer to How to create Call memo.


Register the call memo from the Call History page

You can check, add, and delete your call memo from the call history in MiiTel Analytics.

  1. Click Call History __________2019-09-30_19.19.59_2.png in MiiTel Analytics.
  2. Click on the call history, which you'd like to add the call memo.


  1. Click Add call memo.


  1. Click Input call memo.
  2. Click on the call memo you want to register from the list.
  3. Click Register.



Please repeat the above steps if you want to add more than one memo.

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