Adding a response memo to the response history

You can register a response memo to classify your response history. If you register a response memo, you can more easily perform aggregation and analysis in the dashboard. In addition, you can set up Salesforce Activity History Link to register the response memo to the Salesforce activity history.

You can also configure the settings to register the response memo in the Salesforce activity history.


You need to create a response memo in advance. Please refer to Creating a response memo for how to create one.



Register a response memo
  • After answering on MiiTel Phone, click the End Call button and select The list of preconfigured response memos is displayed.

  • __________2020-01 -09_10.21.12.png

    Only users with administrator privileges can register response memos in advance or change the contents of the list. Please see "Create a response memo" for how to change the list.
    1. Check the checkboxes of the response memos you want to set in the call history.
      (To set a response memo that is not in the list, type it directly into the "Add item" field and press the "Enter" key.


    1. Click the [Register] button to return to the outgoing call screen.


    Registering a response memo on the response history screen


    You can view, add, and delete your notes from the MiiTel Analytics call results screen.

  • MiiTel Analytics' [Call History __________2019-09-30_19.19.59_2.png ] in MiiTel Analytics.
  • Click the response history you want to add a response note to.
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    1. Click [+Add a response note].


    1. On the "Add Response Memo" screen, click "Enter Response Memo".


    1. Click the response memo you want to add from the list displayed.
    2. .
    3. Click the "Register" button.


    If you want to add more than one, please repeat the above steps to set them up.

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