monitoring function

This feature allows you to listen to calls that are being handled by other staff.

This feature allows you to listen to the calls that other staff members are taking, in real time, to see how they are responding and to provide feedback immediately after the call ends.


How to start monitoring from the user list

  1. Click the Users & Contacts button on your MiiTel Phone.


  1. Click on the "answering" user in the list of users that you want to use the monitoring or whispering feature with.
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  1. Click the Start Monitoring button for the feature you want to use to begin using it.


  1. When you are done monitoring, click the End Call button.

How to enter an extension number to start monitoring

1. Call the "99" number on your MiiTel Phone.

99____. png

  1. Follow the voice guidance and enter the extension number and "#" of the monitored user on the keypad.
  2. The monitoring will start.

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