Monitoring allows you to listen to calls that other users are answering.

You can use this feature to listen to how other staff members answer the phone calls during the training program in real time and provide feedback immediately after the call is over.



How to start monitoring from the Users list

How to start monitoring by entering the extension number

You can start monitoring by entering the user's extension number after entering 99*. (You can do this the same way by the Wide mode.)



  •   When you start the monitoring, you will hear a beeper sound. However, you will not receive a notification that you've started the monitoring on the MiiTel Phone.
  •   The user who is conducting the monitoring can register the call memo on MiiTel Phone. However, you won't be able to register the call memo from the call history screen of the user who is getting monitored.
  •   If you wish to use Group call or Whispering during the phone call, please finish monitoring first, then use other features.

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