Keyword settings

You will set the keywords to Neutral, Positive, or Negative categories. By separating the keywords into each category, the keyword results shown in the call history will also include the "category," which will be chosen depending on the speech recognition results. From the new release, the keywords in the Positive and Negative categories will be displayed on the call history.


How to set keywords

  1. Log in to MiiTel Admin.
  2. Click Speech Analysis > Keyword.
  3. Enter one keyword/phrase in each line.
  4. After you enter your keywords, click Save.



  •   After registering the keywords, MiiTel Phone will recognize them from the next call. If you registered the new keywords during the call analysis or after the call analysis was finished, MiiTel Phone will not recognize them.
  •  The keywords can be in lowercase letters.
  •   A total of 100 characters per keyword can be registered (spaces won't be counted).
  •  The keywords can have numbers and the following symbols: '.-%&
  •  You can save up to 100 keywords.
  •  You cannot enter the same keyword for multiple categories.

How to check the recognized keywords

After the call analysis is finished, the registered keywords which MiiTel Phone has recognized will be displayed on the call history.


1Time: The time when you spoke the keyword. You can click on the time to play the audio from that point of the call.

2Keyword: The keywords that were spoken and during the call. The number of times the system has recognized the keyword is displayed in the parentheses.

3Speaker: The person who mentioned the keyword. (Operator or Customer only)

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