Keyword settings

You will set the keywords to Neutral, Positive, or Negative categories. By separating the keywords into each category, the keyword results shown in the call history will also include the "category," which will be chosen depending on the speech recognition results. 


How to set keywords

  1. and log in to MiiTel Analytics with the admin user.
  2. Click cog-solid__1_.svg Open MiiTel Admin on the top right of the page.
  3. Click Speech Analysis > Keyword.
  4. Enter one keyword (phrase) for each row.
  5. After you enter your keywords, click Save.



  •   設定したキーワードは、即時反映され、設定後の通話、または、オンライン会議からキーワードを抽出します。分析中の応対や分析済みの過去の応対には反映されません。
  •  The keywords can be in lowercase letters.
  •  One keyword can be up to 100 characters (spaces won't be counted).
  •  The keywords can have numbers and the following symbols: '.-%&
  •  You can save up to 100 keywords.
  •  You cannot enter the same keyword for multiple categories.

How to check the recognized keywords

If the registered keyword was spoken during the call or online meeting, the keyword would be displayed on the call history or meeting history. You can also check the time when the keyword was spoken.


1Time: The time when the keyword was spoken. You can click on the time to play the audio from that point of the call.

2Keyword: The keywords that were spoken during the call. The number of times MiiTel has recognized the keyword is displayed in parentheses.

3Speaker: The person who mentioned the keyword. (Operator or Customer)


  •   If the keyword and the conversation details are exactly the same, it will be considered that the keyword was spoken.

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