Customizing the call scoring rules

You can change the scoring method of each field for the speech analysis so you can provide the scores that would fit your organization.

  • If you change the scoring rules, the new rules will be also applied to past call histories.
  • After you've set the scoring rules, it takes a few hours for the new rules to be applied in the call history.
  1. Log in to MiiTel Admin.
  2. Click Speech Analysis > Scoring
  3. Check Enable customization of scoring rules.
  4. Click Customize scoring rule.


  1. You can customize the following fields for the scoring rule.
  • Base score: User's starting score
  • Call duration: The score will be given by the length of the call
  • Talk:Listen ratio: The ratio of the time the user spoke and the time the customer spoke (listen)
  • Number of silences: The number of times both the user and customer did not spoke for more than three seconds
    Score = (Number of silences ÷ total call duration (minutes)) × -10
  • Number of overlaps: The number of times both the user and customer spoke at the same time for more than one second
    Score = (Number of overlaps ÷ total call duration (minutes)) × -10
  • Score adjustment: Set the minimum and maximum value of the total score
  1. After you finished setting the new scoring rule, you can also simulate the score of a call by entering the values in the Simulation field of each section.
  2. Click Save.


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