Call scoring rules

You can change the scoring method of each field for the speech analysis so you can provide the scores that would fit your organization.


  •   If you change the scoring rules, the new rules will also apply to past call histories.
  •   After you've set the scoring rules, it takes a few hours for the new rules to be applied in the call history.
  1. Log in to MiiTel Admin.
  2. Click Speech Analysis > Scoring
  3. Check Enable customization of scoring rules.
  4. Click Customize scoring rule.


  1. You can customize the following fields for the scoring rule.
  • Score adjustment: Set the minimum and maximum scores
  • Base score: User's starting score
  • Call duration (minutes): Evaluate the call based on the call duration
  • Talk-listen ratio: The ratio of the time the user is speaking and listening
  • Number of silences: The number of times both the user and the other person didn't speak for more than three seconds
    Score = (Number of silences ÷ total call duration (minutes)) × -10
  • Number of overlaps: The number of times both the user and the other person spoke at the same time for more than one second
    Score = (Number of overlaps ÷ total call duration (minutes)) × -10
  • Difference in speaking rate: Difference in the speech rate between the user and the other person
  • Intonation: A numerical value that indicates whether the user is maintaining a friendly and professional tone during the phone conversation by using different intonation strengths 
  • Number of rallies: Number of times the speaker is switched per each minute
  • Keyword: Set the keyword that is registered in MiiTel Admin and the number of points to be added or subtracted for each time the keyword is spoken during the call
  1. After you set the new scoring rules, you can also simulate the score of a call by entering the values in the Simulation field of each section.
  2. Click Save.


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