Customizing call scoring rules

After the call history data is accumulated from the start of use, we can change the score for each analysis item to score it in a way that is appropriate for your organization.

  1. In MiiTel Analytics [Settings] __________2019-10-01_18.33.51.png.
  2. Click on Scoring Rules.
  3. Check the "Enable scoring rule customization" checkbox.

score2. png

  1. Customize the items you need.
  • Base score: the first score the user has
  • .
  • Call duration: rated by the length or shortness of the call
  • .
  • Talk : Listen ratio: the ratio of time the operator is speaking to the time they are listening
  • .
  • Number of silences: Number of times neither the operator nor the customer speaks for more than 3 seconds
    Score = (Total number of silences ÷ Total call time (minutes)) × -10 points.
  • Collisions: Number of times the operator and customer's speech overlapped for more than 1 second
    Score = (Total collisions ÷ Total call time (minutes)) × -10 points.
  • Score Adjustment: Set the minimum and maximum values that determine the range of the total score
  • .
  1. After customizing the score, enter the value in the "Simulation" in the rightmost column of each item to see how the score will be calculated with the rules you set.

score1. png

  1. After setting, click the [Save] button.

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