Setting up incoming calls using the answering machine settings

By setting up an answering machine in the incoming call rules, you can set up the system to leave an answering machine message when you are unable to answer, such as after business hours.

Setting procedure

  1. Preparing the voicemail response message
  2. Set up the voicemail feature
  3. Set answering machine function for incoming call rule
  4. Set the incoming call rule to filter

1. Prepare the voicemail response message

First, prepare the audio file for the voicemail response message.


After preparing the voice data, upload the voice file to MiiTel Analytics as described in Uploading Voice Files to MiiTel. to upload the voice file to MiiTel Analytics.

Please prepare the audio data by yourself. Audio files should be prepared in Wave (.wav) or MP3 (.mp3) format.

2. Set up the answering machine function


Next, we will configure the answering machine settings so that it can record answering machine messages.

  • In MiiTel Analytics [Settings]__________2019-10-01_18.33.51.png.
  • Click [Voice Mail].

  • Click on "+Create a new answering machine".
  • ___1.png

    If you want to change or delete an existing answering machine setting, you can do so via the Edit button, as shown below.
    • To edit: Click the Edit button and then click Edit
    • .
    • To delete: Click [Delete] from the [Edit] button
    • .
    . ________.png
    • If you delete the answering machine, the set incoming rules, filter will also be deleted at the same time.
    1. Enter a name to identify the answering machine in "Name".
    2. Enter the recording time in "Recording time" (you can set it between 10 ~ 180 seconds).


    1. Click the "Save" button.

    If the deleted answering machine is set to an incoming call rule, the corresponding answering machine action will be empty.

    3. Set the answering machine function in the incoming call rule


    Set the answering machine settings and answering machine announcements in the incoming call rules. By setting it to the incoming call rule, you can make the answering machine announce when you receive an incoming call and leave an answering machine message.

    1. In MiiTel Analytics [set]__________2019-10-01_18.33.51.png.
    2. Click Incoming Rules.

    3. Click the [ + Create a new incoming rule ] button.


    If you want to set up an answering machine for an existing incoming call rule, click the Edit button and then Edit to set up the incoming call rule.
    1. Set the uploaded audio file and the configured answering machine setting to the incoming call rule as shown below.


    1 Incoming Rule Name: What kind of incoming rule is it? Set the rule name


    Description: Fill in the description about the incoming rule


    Action 1: Set "Action" to [Play sound ] and set the name of the answering machine announcement file to "File Name"


    4 Action 2: Click the [ + Add Action ] button. Click the "+ Add Action" button, and set "Voicemail" as the action. Set the answering machine name that you set in "Name"

    If you want to set your phone to ring in a specific group before it connects to your answering machine settings, set it as shown below.
    1. After completing the settings, click the [Save] button.

    4.Setting the incoming call rule to filter.

    Set up a filter to determine which incoming calls will execute the created incoming call rules and when they will be executed.

    1. In MiiTel Analytics [Settings]__________2019-10-01_18.33.51.png.
    2. Click Filter Settings.
    3. Click the [ + Create new filter ] button.


    1. Set it up as shown below.


    1 Phone Number: Answering machine for incoming calls to any phone number. Set the phone number to connect to the setting

    Incoming call rule name: Set the incoming call rule name that set the answering machine. set


    Year, month, day of the week, start time, end time: Set when the Year, month, day of the week, start time, end time: Set when you want the incoming call rule to be applied.
    (If you want to apply the rule every day, leave the year, day, and day of the week blank. If you want the rule to be applied throughout the day, leave the start time and end time blank)

  • Set up and click the Save button.
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