Configuring MiiTel Phone Options

The MiiTel Phone has several optional settings.

The MiiTel Phone offers several optional settings that allow you to better tailor the phone to your usage needs.


These settings will be applied to each MiiTel Phone; if you have multiple MiiTel Phones running, you will need to configure them on each MiiTel Phone.

Optional Settings 1 : Do not accept incoming calls

If you are in a state where you cannot receive incoming calls, such as during a presentation or a business meeting at a customer's site, you can set the phone not to accept incoming calls.

  • Click the [Settings] button.
  • Check the [Do not accept incoming calls] checkbox.
  • _________.png

    1. Click the "Save" button to save your settings.
    You can also set up not to accept incoming calls by changing your status.

    Optional setting 2 : Notification setting.

    If you need to make an outgoing call with no notification, you can change it from the following settings.

    1. Click the Settings button.
    2. Check the [Outgoing calls as blocked] checkbox.

    _____. png

    1. Click the "Save" button to save the settings.

    When you make a blocked call, a prefix of "184" will be added to the number you call and will appear in your MiiTel Phone history.



    After entering a caller ID number, you can also make a call with no notification by adding "184" to the beginning of the number.
    Optional settings 3 : Pop-up incoming call settings.

    This setting brings the MiiTel Phone to the forefront of the screen when receiving an incoming call. This saves you from having to search for your MiiTel Phone when you have multiple browsers or applications open.

    This is an optional setting that can only be configured in the MiiTel Desktop App. MiiTel Desktop App only.

    The method of setting up a popup incoming call depends on the operating system you are using.

    Windows version

    On the MiiTel Phone menu bar, click "MiiTel" > "Preferences" > "Bring app to front on incoming calls".

    image. png

    macOS version

    Click "MiiTel" > "Preferences" > "Bring app to front on incoming calls" from the menu bar.


    Optional settings 4 : Voice communication settings

    Set this if there is a problem with the audio quality. We will ask you for more information before setting it, so please contact support using the button at the bottom right of the screen.


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