Transfer a call to an internal extension

MiiTel Phone calls can be transferred to another user's extension.

How to forward calls

  1. Click Forward on the active call screen of MiiTel Phone.
  2. Click the user you wish to forward the call. (You will only see users who have permission to use the phone.)
  3. Click Transfer to make an extension call.
  4. Confirm that the user picked up the call, inform him or her of the details, then click End call.
  5. After you click End Call, the person you forwarded the call and the person who made the original call will be connected.

How to receive forwarded calls

  1. Click Answer.
  2. After the caller and you are connected, inform the caller that you can receive the transferred call and wait for the caller to end his or her call.
  3. When the caller ends the call, the transfer is completed and the call is switched to an outside line (the person who made the original call).


  •   If your phone is set for Outgoing calls only, you will not be able to receive forwarded calls from internal.


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