Extension transfer with MiiTel Phone

MiiTel Phone calls can be transferred to another user's extension.


How to transfer

  1. Click the [Pending] button.
  2. Click the Transfer button in the upper right corner.

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  1. Click to select a destination from the list.


  1. Click the [Forward] button to switch to the destination and extension.
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  1. When the destination is ready to respond, click the End Call button to complete the transfer.
If you click the End Call button while the forwarding destination and extension are connected, the forwarding destination and the outside line will be connected. 

How to Receive Call Forwarding

  1. Click the "Answer" button when the MiiTel Phone changes to the following display.


  1. Tells the forwarding party that you are ready to receive a call transfer (you will be connected to an outside line when the other party hangs up the extension).
If the forwarding party does not answer, if the forwarding party rejects the call, or if the forwarding party ends the call first, the call returns to the original call)

Forwarding to All Group Members

There is a function called "group extension" that makes calls to all users registered in a group. As a result of the call, you can talk with the first user who answers.

  1. Enter the group number in the MiiTel Phone's phone number entry form (see Group Number Confirmation and settings, please contact your MiiTel administrator).

    For example

    For example, if the group number is 1000, the call will be placed to 1000.


  2. Click the [Outgoing] button.

All users registered in the group will ring and you can talk to the first person who answers.

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