About MiiTel Support

If you have questions or concerns about MiiTel services, you can also try using the following features besides looking up the MiiTel Support pages.


If you experience any problems, inconveniences, or errors during the use of our services, you can ask questions to the chatbot from the bottom right of this support page or the bottom right of the page in MiiTel Analytics.



  •   You can hide the chatbot icon by clicking x. Please refresh the page if you want to see the chatbot icon again.
  •   The chatbot screen will be displayed in the language you've set on your browser.

Contact Support

Send your inquiry in Japanese

After you click the chatbot icon, you will see the URL to contact directly to Support. Please click the URL and send your inquiry.

We'd like you to send us your inquiry with much detail as possible, as Support will be able to easily understand the situation, which can lead to solving the problem more quickly. In addition, we recommend you send a screenshot of the screen in your inquiry.

Send your inquiry in other languages

Please contact directly to Customer Success or our sales representative members.

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