Use MiiTel Phone with Lightning Experience

This page explains how to use MiiTel Phone on Lightning Experience.

Customers who use MiiTel Phone on Salesforce will be able to use convenient features and see display messages.



Step 1: Display softphone on Salesforce

  1. Log in to Salesforce as a user with MiiTel Phone enabled.


  1. Click MiiTel Phone located on the bottom left of the page to start MiiTel Phone.


  •   If MiiTel Phone is not displayed, softphone installation settings may not have been completed correctly. In this case, check with your organization's Salesforce administrator.

Step 2: Log in to MiiTel Phone

  1. Enter the login ID and password you received in advance to log in to your MiiTel Phone.

  2. After logging in, you will see a keypad as displayed in the picture below.


Feature 1: Screen pop for incoming calls

For incoming calls from a person who has their phone number registered on Salesforce, this feature can display the Salesforce page of that customer or multiple customers who have the same phone number on the search results page. To set up this feature, please refer to Screen pop settings for incoming calls (Lightning Experience).


On the MiiTel Phone incoming calls screen on Salesforce, the registration status of Salesforce of the corresponding phone number is displayed as the picture below. If there is one or more records matching Salesforce, you can receive the call after you open the corresponding customer's Salesforce page.

Feature 2: Move MiiTel Phone to another location

If you feel that using MiiTel Phone in Salesforce is difficult to use because of the overlap of MiiTel Phone and Salesforce, by the following steps, you can use the phone separately from the screen of Salesforce.

  1. Click Pop-out button on the top right of MiiTel Phone.
  2. MiiTel Phone will be displayed as the pop-up is separated from Salesforce page.
  3. To return the phone to the original location of the Salesforce page, click Pop-in button on the top right of MiiTel Phone.



  •   Popping out or popping in a MiiTel Phone reloads the MiiTel Phone. Therefore, please note that popping out and popping in during a call or time of receiving incoming calls, will lead the phone call itself to stop.


Will the phone call still be continued when I change to another page?

  • For Lightning Experience, your call will still be maintained even if the page is changed during the call. However for Salesforce Classic, due to the system specifications of Salesforce, the call will be disconnected when the page is changed.

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