Using MiiTel Phone with Salesforce Classic Edition

This page will walk you through the steps to get you logged in and ready to use the MiiTel Phone if you are using the Salesforce Classic UI.


Show Softphone

  • When you login to as a MiiTel Phone-enabled user, you will see the MiiTel Phone tab or MiiTel Phone in the bottom left corner of the screen.


    _sf__miitel_ tab.png

  • If you do not see "MiiTel Phone", it is possible that you have not properly configured your softphone deployment. If this is the case, please check with your organization's Salesforce administrator.

    Log in

    1. Enter your login ID and password to login to your MiiTel Phone.


    If you get a "Unable to connect" error when logging in, you can use Unable to log in to MiiTel Phone in Salesforce.
    1. Once the login is complete, the keypad will appear as shown below.

    _sf__ MiiTel_dialpad.png

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I keep the call even if I move pages?

      • Please note that in Salesforce Classic, the call will be disconnected when the page is moved due to Salesforce's mechanism. If your organization is ready to migrate to Lightning Experience, please consider it.


      Can I change the position of the softphone tab in the upper right corner of the screen?

    • Due to Salesforce specifications, it cannot be changed.

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