Step 2 : Salesforce Activity History Integration

For international countries, this service will be available soon.

If your organization is using Salesforce, this setting will automatically create an activity history and add a URL to the response history page in the comments.

  • To register this function, you need to set "Salesforce integration" in advance.
  • The response history of the automatic forwarding destination will not be registered in the activity history in Salesforce.

Configure Salesforce Activity History Registration

  1. In MiiTel Analytics, click __________2019-10-01_18.33.51.png.
  2. Click [Salesforce Activity History Integration].

  3. On the Salesforce Activity History Integration screen, check the "Enable Feature" checkbox.

    On the Salesforce Activity History integration screen, check the Enable feature checkbox.

SF _________.png

  1. Set each item.

Activity History Registration: Specify when to create an activity history.
The activity history will be registered after the call starts
You can also register "Dial start time", "Call start time", "Call end time" and "Answer memo" after the call ends.


Subject: Set the name of the MiiTel answering history displayed in the activity history



(3) Status: Set the status status status when registering an activity history
* "Completed" and Completed" will register it as an activity history, while "Incomplete" and "Open" will register it as a future activity.


4 Dial start time: Set a custom item of "Date/Time" type to register the time when the call or ring started. Set custom item


Call Start Time: Set a custom item of "Date/Time" type to register the time when the call started


Call End Time: Set a custom item of type "Date/Time" to register the time when the call ended


Answer Memo: Set up a "Select List" type custom field to store the answer memo
Create a custom field to store the "Answer History" as follows

</p .

1. On the "STEP 1. Select Data Type" screen, select "Select List (Multiple Choice)".

2. On the "STEP 2. Enter details" screen, set as follows</p

(1) In the "Item Label" field, set a name that shows what the item is for, such as a response memo
(2) In the "Value" field, select [Enter each value separated by a new line. (2) In the "Value" field, select "Enter each value separated by a new line"
(3) Create a dummy selection list such as a response memo in the displayed box (because it cannot be left blank)
(4) Remove the checkmark from "Delete the selection list to the value defined in the value set. unchecked


3. Click [Next] at the bottom right of the screen, go to the "Step 4. Add to Page Layout" screen and click [Save]




    • Dial start time, call start time, call end time, and answering history can be set only when "After call end" is selected in the "Activity history registration" setting item.
  • You cannot create a custom item in a ToDo.
  1. Click the item you want to enter in the comment from [Insert Item] and set it.
  2. .


_ SFDC______1.png

  1. Set the name of each item displayed in the comment as shown below.

The maximum number of characters that can be entered in a comment is 30,000. This limit includes the name of each item.



  1. After the above settings, click the [Save] button.
  2. It will be registered in Salesforce as follows.


  • When you use the click-to-call feature within a trading partner, trading partner, or lead object, it creates an activity history in the Salesforce record where you made the click-to-call.
  • In other cases (e.g., custom objects), the system automatically looks for the contact, customer, or lead to connect to based on the phone number and creates an activity history in that record. If the phone number is found in more than one object, it will be retrieved in the order of Contact, Account, Lead, and if more than one record is found in the same object, the record with the most recent modification date will be registered.
  • In the case of an unattended call or an unattended incoming call, "unattended" is displayed in the comment.
  • Since it uses Salesforce's REST API, it will consume API usage as follows.
    • It will consume up to 3 times to search for the appropriate appointee (it will look at the 3 objects in the order of Client Manager, Client and Lead to find the record with the appropriate phone number. So if the phone number is registered to a lead, it will consume the API up to 3 times to reference the 3 objects)
    • Consumes 1 time to create a MiiTel activity history.
  • Will be consumed once when inserting a voice recognition result if you set up the MiiTel activity history to include a voice recognition result.
  • Will be consumed once when the call is ended and the caller registers a note.
  • Will be consumed once when adding or deleting a call memo in the call history screen or MiiTel Phone Mobile.
  • MiiTel uses Salesforce API version 50.0. To check the API, please refer to How to check your Salesforce Edition and API version. .

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