Step 1: Salesforce Integration - Basic Settings

If MiiTel customers also use Salesforce, they can integrate MiiTel with Salesforce objects. Salesforce objects that can be integrated are Accounts, Contacts, and Leads (Person Accounts can also be integrated).

With Salesforce integration, Salesforce's account name and contacts will automatically be saved to MiiTel's Contacts if the information matches with the phone numbers of MiiTel's outbound or incoming calls. The contact information will automatically be saved to Call History and Call History List.

  • Objects other than Accounts, Contacts, and Leads can not be integrated.
  • The record that matches the phone number saved in Salesforce's phone fields will be created on MiiTel. (MiiTel will not retrieve information from custom fields or objects other than Contacts, Accounts, and Leads.)
  • When the phone number is found in multiple objects, the information will be retrieved by order of Contacts, Accounts, then Leads
  • If more than one record exists for the same object, MiiTel will retrieve the most updated record. 
  • This integration uses REST API.
  • Salesforce API version used for MiiTel is 51.0. If you wish to check the API version, please go to Find Salesforce Edition and API version.


Salesforce edition requirements

Your Salesforce edition must be one of the following as this integration uses REST API. Please check Salesforce editions that can be integrated with MiiTel for details.

  • Enterprise Edition
  • Unlimited Edition
  • Developer Edition
  • Salesforce Platform Starter
  • Salesforce Platform Plus


  •   Please note that this service is not available for Professional Edition and Essential Edition.

About the Salesforce user you will use for Salesforce integration

One Salesforce user is required to integrate your organization's Salesforce to MiiTel. Before setting up the integration, please check if the Salesforce user has the following permissions.

  • The user can use the Salesforce API (can also log in by using the API)
  • The user has permission to see the records, including all Accounts, Contacts, and Leads
  • If the user will set Salesforce activity history integration, the user will also need the following permissions:
    • Permission to edit Tasks (API name: Task)
    • Permission to edit Activities (API name: Activity)
    • Permission to edit the fields in the activity history
  • If the user will link a Salesforce user to a MiiTel user, the user will also need the following permission:
    • Permission to see Salesforce user records that are linked to MiiTel users

How to integrate

  1. Log in to MiiTel Admin.
  2. Click Third Party Integration > Salesforce > Basic settings tab
  3. Click Integrate.


  1. You will log in to Salesforce as the Salesforce user (if you have already logged in to Salesforce, the message "Do you want to allow access?" will be displayed. After you check the account details, click Allow.)
  2. If you do not want to retrieve the Salesforce record, check Check if you are NOT willing to retrieve Salesforce contact information and click Save.



  •   If you click on the phone number saved in the phone fields of Contacts, Accounts, and Leads and make a call, the clicked record will be saved to Contacts in MiiTel Analytics.
  •   For the integration of contact information, the Salesforce API will be called up to three times per call.

Options: Email notifications for errors on MiiTel-integrated third-party services

When an error occurs in Salesforce integration or other MiiTel-integrated third-party services, you can receive a notification email whenever an error occurs.

Please refer to Email notifications for errors on MiiTel-integrated third-party services to set this notification.


Step 2: Salesforce Activity History Integration

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