Step 1 : Salesforce Integration

For international countries, this service will be available soon.

If your organization is using Salesforce, you can integrate Salesforce with MiiTel and have your call history reflect the company and contact names in Salesforce that match the phone numbers you receive or call in MiiTel. This information will also be displayed on the MiiTel Phone's outgoing/incoming call screen.

The Salesforce objects that can be linked with this configuration are "Client", "Client Manager" and "Lead" (can also be linked with individual clients).

A single Salesforce organization can be linked to multiple corporate identities. In that case, a Salesforce user cannot be registered in more than one call center. For more information about call center settings, see "Step 5 : Salesforce Softphone Deployment (Lightning Experience)" or "Step 5 : Salesforce Softphone Deployment ( Salesforce Classic)".




Since this function uses the REST API function of Salesforce, the edition of Salesforce must be one of the following. For details, please refer to Salesforce editions that can be integrated with MiiTel.

  • Enterprise Edition</li
  • Unlimited Edition</li
  • Developer Edition</li
  • Salesforce Platform Starter</li
  • Salesforce Platform Plus</li
This feature is not available in Professional Edition and Essential Edition.

Integrate with Salesforce


  1. In MiiTel Analytics [Settings] __________2019-10-01_18.33.51.png.
  2. Click [Salesforce Integration].

    SFDC __png.png

  3. Set the following 1~4.

SFDC__ 2.png


1Salesforce user name : Set the user name of the Salesforce administrator. (The setting to connect each user to Salesforce is done in "Setting Salesforce Users" after the Salesforce integration is completed).


The following permissions must be granted to the Salesforce account to be configured.

  • Permission to see all records for leads, trading partner managers, and trading partners
  • .
  • Permission to register activities
  • .

2Salesforce Password : Set the password for the Salesforce user you set in 1.


3Salesforce security token : Set the security token obtained from Salesforce.

If the connection source IP address is not restricted on the Salesforce side, you need to enter the security token. For details, please refer to How to check the Salesforce security token.

4Sandbox environment : If you want to check in the Sandbox environment before production, enter the "username" and "password" of the Sandbox environment in 1 and 2, and check the "Sandbox Environment" checkbox.

5Retrieve Contacts :
Retrieve Contacts in Bulk : Set the timing to register Salesforce record information with phone numbers that match the call history to MiiTel Analytics Contacts. MiiTel Analytics. When the contact is added, the company name and contact person name will be displayed in the call history and call history list.

  • On : Register every day around 11pm (Only the Salesforce information of the phone number that is not registered in Contacts is reflected)
  • Off : After the call is finished (The Salesforce information will be overwritten when the history is created even after the Salesforce information is registered to the contact)


Do not retrieve contacts : Check this box if you do not want to register Salesforce record information to MiiTel Analytics contacts.

If the Salesforce you are connecting to is "Developer Edition", you do not need to check the "Sandbox Environment" checkbox.
  1. Click the Test Connection and Save button.


If the connection is successful, you will see a message like the following.


If the connection fails, check the external linkage error log to see the error Please confirm the contents. Also, check the common error messages and how to deal with them.
  • If a phone number is found in more than one object, it will be retrieved in the following order of precedence: Contact, Account, Lead. If more than one record exists for the same object, the record with the most recently updated date is retrieved. The search is performed on the phone number and the mobile phone number of the standard item, and it is not performed from the custom item or from the standard object or custom object other than the above object.
  • Since it uses Salesforce's REST API, it consumes API usage as follows.
    • When retrieving information associated with a phone number, up to three times the number of the day's call history will be consumed.
    • When retrieving information associated with a phone number, it will consume up to 3 times the number of the day's call history. So if the phone number is registered to a lead, it will consume the API up to 3 times to reference the 3 objects)
    • .
  • The Salesforce API version used by MiiTel is 50.0. To check the API, please refer to How to check your Salesforce Edition and API version.
  • If you need to remove the integration settings, please contact MiiTel support.

Optional Settings: Email Notification Settings for External Integration Error Occurrences</h3

When an error occurs in Salesforce integration or other external integration for some reason, you can receive an error notification email at a pre-defined email address.


For settings, please refer to "External Linkage Error Email Notification Settings".


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