How to set up MiiTel on your smartphone

With MiiTel Phone Mobile, you can use MiiTel on your smartphone. Also, MiiTel will analyze and save the phone calls made from MiiTel Phone Mobile. You can check the analysis results and play the recordings from Call History in MiiTel Analytics.



Download the app from the QR code below or the application store.
For Android, scan the code with Google Assistant or Google Lens.



Available on Android and iOS

QR コード




Signing up for MiiTel Phone Mobile

If you wish to use MiiTel Phone Mobile, you'll need to subscribe to our additional services. For details, please contact our sales representative or Support.


System Requirements

iOS: 13.2 or later (iPhone / iPod touch / iPad)

  • For v1.8.0, we are no longer supporting iOS 10. You can still use the installed app, but we ask that you upgrade your OS and MiiTel if you are using iOS 10.

Android: 6.0 or later (Android devices that can install applications from Google Play) RAM/Memory recommendation: 4 GB (below can but if you have too many apps that will impact sistem proforma will be slow)


  •   If you are using MiiTel Phone Mobile for Android v02.00.02 or newer with Android 13, please click Allow when you see the following permission dialogs.

・ Voice recording

・ Make and manage phone calls

・ Send notifications

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