Dashboard - Overview

You can use the dashboard to analyze past phone calls by selecting the period and using the data of call memos, call types, etc.



Change the filtering conditions

You can set the date range, call memo, call type, etc., to search all call histories and scores that match the conditions you've set up. After the data is displayed on the dashboard, you can use it to analyze past phone calls for each user and the entire organization. (For call memos, you must create a call memo beforehand from MiiTel Admin.)


  • If you select This week or Last week for Date range, the aggregation period will be from Sunday to Saturday.
  • For the Phone number, you can enter the number with or without hyphens.
  • If you check Select all of positive calls for Call memo, the search results will only include the call memos with Mark as positive impression.
  • You will not be able to enter multiple values for the following fields.
    • Phone number
    • Comment
    • Keyword
    • Transcript
    • Customer company name
    • Customer name


  •   If you want to save the filtering conditions, click Filter, then bookmark the page on your browser. With this, you can see the updated data (with the saved conditions) just by going to this page from Bookmarks.

Total number of calls and Total call duration

  • You can check the changes in the total number of calls and total call duration within the selected period. You can place the mouse pointer over the graph to see the numerical data.


Call type

You can check the number of phone calls for each call type.


Heat map

You can check the data of phone calls by the days of the week and the time period. The values are displayed by shades and colors. You can also  click cloud-download-alt-solid.svg to download the heat map in CSV format.


The heat map shows the average number of calls, the ratio of answered calls, and the ratio of response for the period where the day of the week and the time period is connected. Please check below for the calculation formulas.
(For phone calls that went over to the next hour, the data will be based on the end time of the call).

Average number of calls = number of calls for the day of the week and the time period in the aggregation period / number of days of the week in the aggregation period

Ratio of answered calls = number of outgoing calls / (number of outgoing calls + number of outgoing calls (missed)) x 100 *

Ratio of response = number of incoming calls / (number of incoming calls + number of incoming calls (missed)) x 100 *

* MiiTel will only calculate by the number of outgoing calls, outgoing calls (missed), incoming calls, and incoming calls (missed) for the day of the week and time period in the aggregation period.

Call memo

You can check the call memos that are registered in the call history and the number of phone calls with these call memos. 


Call analytics

You can check each score by graphs to analyze your phone calls.


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