Dashboard (Analyze from Call Data)

On the dashboard, you can extract and analyze the call history saved in your organization by period, call memo, call types, etc.

You will not be able to export the graphs or charts in the dashboard. If you wish to export the call history or scores of your calls, please refer to Download Call History list as CSV or Download Call History CSV from Storage.


Aggregation conditions

Set the aggregation conditions from Current period, call memo, and call type. You will be able to check the entire or individual aggregation data by call history and scores that meet the specified conditions. (For call memo, you will have to register from the setting page. Please refer to How to make call memo.)


If you don't select the call type, the call history of transferred calls and internal calls will also be included in the aggregation data.

Daily progress

  • You can check the number of calls and total call hours. Point the chart with your mouse as referring to the picture below, to check specific data.


Call times of day, Call type, Call memo

  • The Time zone of your calls is recorded by days of the week and by the time of the day. The number of calls is expressed by the color of the shades. (Calls that went over each hour are recorded from the end time of your call.)


  • A number of calls for each call type are recorded in this donut chart.


  • A number of calls for each call memo are recorded.


User summary

  • This chart is the data of calls from each individual. You can use this chart to check the specific data of each employee.

  • If you click the username, you will be able to see their individual dashboard.


Check the trends for each individual

  • Trends for each individual are recorded in this radar chart.

  • You can see their progress by the data of daily calls or average data of the entire organization.

  • You can also analyze their work by call types and each call memo.


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