Confirmation of call data trend and transition (dashboard)

The dashboard allows you to extract and analyze your organization's accumulated call history by time period, response notes, call type, and more.

Graphs and tables in the dashboard cannot be exported. If you want to export the call history or each call score, you must use the "Download the call history list in CSV format" or "Download the response history CSV from storage".


Change extraction conditions

You can set extraction conditions by "Aggregation Period", "Response Memo", and "Call Type", and view overall and individual totals for call histories and scores that match the specified conditions (Response Memo must be registered in advance in the settings screen. For more information, please see Creating a response memo.



If you do not select a call type, the transfer and extension history will also be included in the total.
  • You can check the number of calls and call duration by day. Hover the mouse pointer over the numbers to see them.


Call duration, call type, and response notes

  • This output shows the time of day and time of day when calls were made, and the number of calls is expressed in shades of gray. (Calls straddling 0 minutes per hour are based on the end time of the call.

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  • Outputs the number of each call type in a donut chart.


  • Outputs the number of calls by response memo.
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Aggregate Results by User

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  • This will output a radar chart of trends by individual.

  • Outputs the trend by day and the deviation from the average for the entire organization.

  • You can refer to the trend and transition by call type and response memo.

dash1. png

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