I get a message that says, "Please check that your microphone is connected and that your browser settings allow access to the microphone.

If you receive the following message when making an outgoing call, you may be able to correct the problem by changing the headset or microphone settings. Please try each of the following solutions.

error_ message.png

Make sure your microphone (headphones) is connected to your computer


Depending on your computer's sound board, you may get this message if the microphone is not connected.

  • Please make sure that you have not connected an earphone microphone to the headphone output that does not have a microphone input function.
  • Please make sure you are connecting the correct jack.
  • Using one of our recommended USB headsets will often solve this issue.

Allow microphone access in your browser


If you accidentally clicked "Block" on the popup that asks for permission to access the microphone (screenshot below), you will see the following Use the following procedure to unblock it.

______ popup.png

  1. In the upper right corner of the Google Chrome screen __________2020-12-29_12.13.18.png in the upper right corner of the Google Chrome screen, and then click Settings.

  1. Type "microphone" in the search box at the top of the screen, then click Site Settings.

  1. Click on [microphone].

  1. Click [▶︎] on .miitel.jp or .force.com in the "Blocks" column
  2. Click [Block] in the "Microphone" field.
  3. Click [Allow].
  4. If there are other websites that require microphone permissions to be set, click [←] and repeat the configuration steps 5 - 7.

Make sure the microphone device is present and enabled on your computer


Check if your browser recognizes your microphone device


In some rare cases, even if the microphone connection and device driver status are normal, the above error screen may appear because the browser does not recognize the microphone device. In this case, it is possible to manually unblock the device from the settings screen.

  1. Log in to MiiTel Analytics, click the key icon to the left of the address bar, and then click "Site Settings".

  1. Change the "Microphone" field to "Allow".

Make sure you have the right microphone configured for MiiTel (If you see an error in the desktop app version).

For Windows 10

  1. From the Start menu, click Settings (the gear icon).
  2. Click "System".
  3. Click Sounds in the left menu.
  4. On the right screen, click "App Volume and Device Settings".
  5. Make sure the "Input" for "MiiTel Phone" is set to the appropriate device name. If it says "Default", make sure the appropriate device is set in "Input" at the top of the screen right next to "Master Volume".


Reinstalling Google Chrome

It is possible that your settings have been corrupted by using the Google Chrome browser for an extended period of time or by using extensions. In this case, please try uninstalling and reinstalling Google Chrome.

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