Calling out with a prefix number

If you want to call out using a number other than the default calling number, you can use the prefix number to call out using another phone number. You can also change the dialing number by using the Caller ID settings.

If you want to use this feature, you must have permission to use multiple numbers. Please contact your organization's MiiTel administrator to verify your prefix numbers and for available numbers.
  1. Launch MiiTel Phone.
  2. In the phone number entry form, type the following

<prefix number>*<destination phone number>

For example, if the prefix number is "002" and the destination phone number is "0312345678", enter "002*0312345678" to make a call.



The phone number whose prefix number is registered as "002" will be displayed as the destination.

To use the prefix number, you need to set the phone number in advance in Phone Number Settings.
To use a prefix number, you need to select a phone number to allow outgoing calls in phone number settings.

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