How to set up MiiTel Phone Chrome Extension

You can use MiiTel with Google Chrome extension.



  •   Enabling this feature may cause problems for some websites, such as a broken layout, unstable operation, or taking a long time to load the page. Also, MiiTel's click to call cannot be used together with other Google Chrome extensions with similar click to call services.

Step 1: Install MiiTel Phone Chrome Extension

  1. Go to the Chrome Web Store.


  •   If you are already logged in to MiiTel Analytics, click Download MiiTel Phone Chrome Extension from your user name in the upper right corner of the screen.


  1. Click Add to Chrome.


  2. Click Add extension.


  3. If you see the following message on your browser, you have successfully installed MiiTel Phone Chrome Extension.


Step 2: Set up "click to call" to make calls by clicking the phone number on the website

Click to call allows you to call a phone number displayed on the website by only clicking the link. This setting can be applied to all websites or by selecting the websites yourself. After the setup is completed, the phone number displayed on the web page will be converted into a link, and you can now make a call to the phone number by clicking the link.



  •   Please note that texts that look similar to a phone number could accidentally be converted to a click to call link.

Web services you can use click to call

  • We have confirmed that click to call can be used in the following web services.
    • Gmail
    • Google Calendar
    • Google Maps
    • Google Docs
    • Microsoft Office 365 Outlook
    • Microsoft Office 365 Word Online
    • Salesforce (Lightning Experience) * Except for report screens
    • Salesforce (Salesforce Classic) * Except for report screens
    • HubSpot CRM (List screen only)
    • Zendesk Support
    • Cybozu kintone
    • Slack
  • The following web services are not supported.
    • Google Spreadsheet
    • Microsoft Office 365 Excel Online
    • Microsoft OneNote


Step 3: Select the phone number format you will enable to do a click to call

The phone number format is different for each country. For this step, you will set the phone number format you will enable to do a click to call. You can select from Japan, Indonesia, and the United States.


How to launch MiiTel Phone Chrome Extension

  1. Click the MiiTel icon located on the right of the web browser's address bar.


  1. Enter your login ID, then click Next.
  2. Enter your password, then click Next.
  3. If your login ID is registered in multiple Company IDs, select the Company ID you will use to log in, then click Start MiiTel

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