Run a speed test

Speed test is a feature that you can use to make sure you are comfortable with MiiTel before you start using it, or to make sure there are no problems with your network if you experience problems while using it.

  • Click your username in the upper right corner of MiiTel Analytics and click "Open MiiTel Speed".



  1. After reading the instructions, click the "Start Speed Test" button.


  • When a confirmation screen appears asking for permission to access the microphone, select "Allow".
  • Music will be played during the test. If you do not want the music to play, please check the [Start with audio muted] checkbox before starting the test.
  1. The speed test will start.


  2. When the measurement is completed for all items, the overall result will be displayed.


The URL of the speed test results can be copied and shared, or shared on social media.

Please check "Confirmations for use" depending on the results of the speed test.

Please check the values of each item using the following as a guide. 

<Guidelines for the Internet connection you need to prepare>

Item Value (Approximate)
Network Speed At least 300 kbps per user
Average response time 100 milliseconds or less
Jitter 30 milliseconds or less
Request Failure 1 % or less

For more information, please see "Confirmation of Use".

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