Call History List

The Call History List page allows you to view your call history in a list format. You can also check missed calls of both inbound and outbound calls that are not displayed on the Call History page.

For this page, we would like to explain what you can do from the call history list.



Filter your search

You can narrow down your call history by display period, call type, or call memo. You can also search by user name, the destination of calls, phone numbers, company name, contact person name, and text in the comment section using a free word search.


Download audio

You can download calls that can be used as a model for current employees and save them for training new employees.

Click on Operation for the history you want to download, and then click Audio File Download to download the audio file in m4a format.



Exclude specific call history from Dashboard Aggregation Results

Call history that you do not want to include in the aggregation results of Dashboard such as operation check and internal role-playing can be excluded from the aggregation results.

There are two ways to exclude.

<To remove the setting of excluding from dashboard aggregation results>

  1. Click Operation on the call history you wish to include in the dashboard aggregation results. 
  2. Uncheck Exclude from aggregation.



Switch between List Display and Flow Display

You can switch between List Display and Flow Display in the call history list.
In List Display, you can check each history data.

For Flow Display, you can check the sequence of incoming calls or call forwarding. For example, you can see which incoming call action was performed before the call was received, and which user or group has answered the call.

You can switch between the two displays by clicking the button in the upper right corner of the page. 


<Example of List Display>


<Example of Flow Display>


Export call history by CSV file

You can export the call history in CSV file format.
For more information, please check Download Call History list in CSV format.



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