Activity history is not registered on Salesforce

If the activity history is not registered on Salesforce, the following may be the cause of the problem. Please check this page for details.

Activity history is registered on another record of the same phone number

If there are multiple records with the same phone number on Salesforce, it is possible that the other record of the same phone number is registered as the related destination.

If you are unable to see the activity history on Salesforce, please click Salesforce activity link in the upper left corner of call history in MiiTel Analytics and check if the activity history is available.


Salesforce activity task registration settings are disabled

Please check if the settings are valid in Salesforce task integration.


There is an error during integration with Salesforce

Sometimes, activity history is not registered in Salesforce due to an error with the integration. Please check the article How to check the third party integration error log and then try confirming the settings again referred to Errors and solutions for third party integration

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