Cannot integrate the record information of Salesforce to contact data in MiiTel Analytics

If your record information is not integrated into the Contacts in MiiTel Analytics, the following may be the cause of the problem. Please try the below solutions.

The status with no record information retrieved from Salesforce

Every day at around 11 pm (Japan time), from the day's call history, the system retrieves the contact information of ones that is still not registered in the Contact. Therefore, before the system retrieves the information, "Unknown company" or "Unknown contact" is displayed.


Phone number is not registered in Salesforce

When you make a call or receive a call, please check if the phone number is saved in the standard Phone field or standard Mobile field of the following objects in Salesforce, which are listed below.

  • Contacts
  • Account
  • Lead
  • Person Accounts

The retrieved information is stored in a custom object or custom field

MiiTel performs the search from Phone and Mobile field in Contacts, Account, Lead, and Person Accounts. Therefore, information that is stored in custom objects, custom fields, and fields other than the above cannot be retrieved.

Incorrect format on the phone number registered in Salesforce

MiiTel uses phone numbers to search for data on Salesforce. For phone numbers in Japan, the search is done in two different ways: with hyphens and without hyphens. However, the search may fail if the hyphen is not placed properly, or if spaces or parentheses are used to separate the numbers. 

The username and password of the user for integration are incorrect

If the username, password, or security token that was set up for Salesforce integration has been changed, receiving the information will not be successful. If you have entered the incorrect information, please change the settings again.

There is an error during integration with Salesforce

Sometimes, activity history may not be registered in Salesforce due to an error during integration. Please check the error log for external integration, and change the settings with reference to how to solve each error.

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