Business partner name and contact person name are not linked from Salesforce.

If a customer or contact name registered in Salesforce is not linked to MiiTel Analytics contacts in MiiTel Analytics, the following may be the cause. Please try the following solutions.

State before getting record information from Salesforce


Every day at around 23:00 (Japan time), we retrieve the contact information for the unregistered contacts in the day's response history. For this reason, before the acquisition, "Customer name not registered" and "Contact person name not registered" are displayed.

The fetch information is stored in a custom object or item


In MiiTel, we are searching for the phone number and mobile phone number of the standard object for the Client Manager, Client, and Lead. Therefore, information stored in custom objects, custom items and other items other than the above cannot be retrieved.

Incorrectly formatted phone number registered in Salesforce


In MiiTel, we use phone numbers to retrieve data in Salesforce. However, if the hyphen is not properly positioned or is separated by spaces, parentheses, etc., the search may fail.

wrong username or password for federated user


SThe acquisition will fail if the user name, password, or security token set in the alesforce integration has changed. If you have registered the wrong information, please reset it.

There is an error during Salesforce integration


Sometimes activity history is not registered in Salesforce due to a linkage error. Check the error log during external integration, and How to deal with each error and change the settings.

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