MiiTel Phone is not displayed on Salesforce

If MiiTel Phone does not appear in Salesforce, the following may be the cause of the problem.

Call center definition file is not set up correctly

Please check if the call center definition file is set up correctly to Salesforce and if you have added the correct user to a call center in Salesforce. Please refer to the following pages below for the setup procedure.

The current edition of Salesforce does not support MiiTel

  • Your Salesforce edition may not be supported for MiiTel Phone integration. Please login to Salesforce as a user with an Administrator role and check your Salesforce edition in Organization Edition on the Company Information page (Setup > Setup > Company Settings > Company Information).
  • You will not be able to use MiiTel Phone for Salesforce Community Cloud (Product for distributors and end-users).

The selected Salesforce application name is incorrect

MiiTel Phone may not be displayed because MiiTel Phone is not set up in the application. Please check with your Salesforce administrator to see which Salesforce application you have set up MiiTel Phone. If you are using Lightning Experience, please check if the application name displayed in the upper left corner of Salesforce page matches the application name where you set up MiiTel Phone. 


If the name is different, you can change the information from clicking on the icon with nine dots that is displayed on the left of the application name.


New settings are not reflected because the screen cache still remains

For some cases, the new settings are not immediately reflected because the cache of the Salesforce side or the browser side still remains. Please check again after waiting a couple of minutes or try the super reload (Ctrl + Shift + R key for Windows, Command + Shift + R key for macOS) to solve the problem.

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