I can't log in to MiiTel or I get logged out immediately after logging in.

If you are experiencing problems logging in, such as being logged out after logging in to your MiiTel Phone, the following are possible causes. Please try the following solutions.

Influenced by browser extensions.

Some ad-blocking/anti-tracking browser extensions (e.g. Ghostery, Adblock Plus, Allow-Control-Allow-Origin) prevent you from maintaining your login status. In these cases, whitelisting the MiiTel URL ( *.miitel.jp *.miitel.net/) or removing the extension will resolve the issue.

Impact of cookies


If you are unable to login to your Salesforce MiiTel Phone, cookies may be affecting you. For instructions on how to fix this, please see I can't log in to MiiTel Phone in Salesforce for how to fix this.

You are not authorized to use MiiTel Phone


In order to log in and use your MiiTel Phone, you need to have MiiTel Phone "permissions". Please login to MiiTel Analytics with an administrator account and check your service permissions. Please make sure you have the right permissions.

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