No ring tone

If your MiiTel Phone is not ringing when you receive an incoming call, the following are possible causes. Please try each remedy.

Google Chrome limitations prevent sound


The April 2018 Google Chrome specification change that took place in April 2018, the sound is set to not play if there is no interaction from the user such as clicking or keyboard operation. However, according to MEI (Media Engagement Index) which is determined by user's usage, some users will hear sound or not even if there is no user interaction such as click or keyboard operation. For this reason, we recommend that you use the notification feature to ensure that you are aware of incoming calls.

User is not added to a group of valid incoming call rules

. Please check if there are any valid rules in

Incoming Rules Management. Then, in Group Management, please check if the target user has been added to the group.

MiiTel Phone is not running

  • You will not be able to receive incoming calls unless you have at least one web page running that MiiTel is running on. (In the case of the MiiTel Phone Chrome Extension, incoming calls are accepted when the keypad screen is displayed in a popup window.
  • In particular, if you are using Salesforce Classic, it may take a few seconds for MiiTel to become available for calls because the entire page refreshes when you switch pages. If you receive an incoming call during this time, you will not be able to place the call, so please use Lightning Experience or < span>MiiTel Phone Chrome Extension which is always running in a corner of your desktop.
  • If you switch tabs frequently, depending on the timing, you may receive incoming calls in the tab that was previously open.

Another user received an incoming call


If another user answers the incoming call before you do, you will not be able to answer the call. If more than one user answers the call at the same time, only one user can answer the call.

By setting up automatic call forwarding, if you are unable to answer an incoming call on your MiiTel Phone, you can forward the call to your mobile or landline