I cannot receive calls or my phone is not ringing

If your MiiTel Phone is not ringing when you receive an incoming call, the following may be the cause of the problem. Please read the details below.

Settings for incoming calls may be incorrect

MiiTel Phone is not running

  • In order to receive phone calls, at least one MiiTel Phone must be activated, and the user's status needs to be Available.
  • In particular, if you are using Salesforce Classic, it may take a few seconds for MiiTel to become available for calls because the entire page reloads when you switch pages. If you receive a call during this process, you will not be able to receive the call. To avoid this, we recommend users use Lightning Experience or have MiiTel Phone Chrome Extension activated in the corner of the desktop.
  • If you switch tabs frequently, depending on the timing, you may receive incoming calls in the tab that was previously open.

Your MiiTel Phone is set to reject incoming calls

You can set your MiiTel Phone to reject incoming calls. Phone with this setting will be displayed as Outgoing calls only.

To receive incoming calls, please follow the steps below to accept incoming calls.


1Click  chevron-down-regular.svg  located next to the username.

2Click Available.

3Status of your MiiTel Phone is now set to Available.

Another user received a call

If another user answers the call before you, you will not be able to answer the call. If more than one user answers the call at the same time, only one of the users can answer the call.


  •   By setting up an automatic transfer feature, even if you were not able to answer the call on your MiiTel Phone, you can forward calls to your cell phone or fixed phone to reduce missed calls.

No ringing sounds due to autoplay policy in Google Chrome

If there is no interaction from the user such as clicking or keyboard operation by Policy Changes of Google Chrome that took place in April 2018, the sound is set up as not to be heard. However, from MEI (Media Engagement Index) which is determined by user's usage, some users will be able to hear or make sounds even if there is no interaction from the user such as clicking or keyboard operation. Therefore, we recommend users set up the notification feature to ensure the notification of incoming calls.

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