I cannot make calls to the other person

If you are unable to make a call from your MiiTel Phone, the following may be the cause of the problem. Please read the details below.

The other person may be on another line

If the other person is currently in another call, you will hear a long electronic tone. For this case, please wait for some time and try calling again.

You are calling a phone number that does not exist

When you call a non-existent phone number, the voice guidance such as "The number you have dialed cannot be connected" sometimes may not be heard, which is a rare case. Please double-check that you are dialing the correct number.

You are calling a phone number that is not supported by MiiTel

  • MiiTel does not support toll-free numbers, navigation dial numbers, and emergency calls (110, 119, etc.).
  • International calls to some countries are not supported. For more details, please see Making international calls.

Your network is going through a proxy

If your organization's network uses proxies (including L7 firewalls and web filtering), these products may be the cause of blocking voice communications. For more information, please see Notice for using MiiTel.

Failed to load

In rare cases, the connection may fail due to the incomplete loading of the MiiTel application. In this case, a forced reload (Windows: Ctrl + Shift + R, macOS:  Command + Shift + R) may solve the problem.

Outbound phone number is not set up in your account

If you receive an announcement that mentioned "You cannot make calls because your phone number is not set up" when you tried to make a call, likely, you do not have an outbound phone number set up for your account. Please double-check if your phone number is set up. For more information, please see Setting up an outbound phone number.

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