How to add a user

This section will show you how to add a user and the settings to be made after adding a user.


If you change the number of users, you will be billed or the billing details will be changed from the month of the change. Therefore, please contact your Customer Success or Support if you wish to make any changes.

How to add a user

  1. In MiiTel Analytics [set]__________2019-10-01_18.33.51.png.
  2. Click User Management, and then click +Create New User.


Newly created users will be unavailable for approximately one hour after they are created.
  1. After filling in the required information in the displayed form, click the [Save] button.


  1. Login ID: The ID used to log in to MiiTel. Set the ID in the same format as your email address.
  2. Username: The name that will be displayed in MiiTel in your answering history and incoming calls.
  3. Password: Your password must be at least 8 characters long.
  4. Language: Please select Japanese or English.
  5. Time Zone: Please set the time zone of your location. This will be reflected in incoming calls and response times.
  6. Assign administrative privileges: You can assign a user to access the MiiTel Analytics configuration screen. MiiTel Analytics settings.

Setting up various service permissions

Depending on whether each account user will be using the MiiTel Phone for telephony or non-MiiTel Phone administrative tasks, the required service permissions.

Modifying or deleting user settings

To change or delete user settings, go to [Edit] of the relevant user.

  • Deleting a user will remove the user's score from the personal dashboard (but not the user's history in the response history and response history list).
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  • Since deleted analysis scores cannot be restored, please be careful when deleting users.
  • If you delete a user, you will still be able to see their response history, but you will not be able to edit the name that is displayed. If you need to edit the name, please contact MiiTel Support.

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