Announcement: You can now use SMS

You can now use SMS and send text messages to a mobile phone from MiiTel. You would need to subscribe to the SMS feature, so feel free to contact us for details. (You can only send messages to Japanese phone numbers.)

This feature is only available for customers in Japan.

You can use SMS to solve the following issues.

  • I want to have another way to reach new customers if they are not available for a phone call.
  • During or after the call, I would like to follow up with additional information so that I can make a better relationship with my customers, but there is no other way to approach them.
  • I want to reduce the number of inquiries that customers can solve by themselves.

Users that can use SMS


You can use SMS to send text messages to a specific phone number. You can also add an action of using SMS to the incoming call rule.

There are two ways to send a text message with SMS.

How to use SMS with MiiTel Phone

From the call history of the mobile phone number (starting with 070, 080, or 090), you can send a text message.

This feature can only be used for MiiTel Phone's wide mode.

You can prepare a template of the text message. (You would need to have administrative privileges to create a template.)

Also, please note that only users with permission to use SMS can send a text message from MiiTel Phone. (When the SMS feature is released, the fields to set the usage permission of SMS will be added to User settings on MiiTel Admin.)


Use the incoming call rule to send a text message

You can send a text message by adding an action to use SMS in the incoming call rule.

For example, let's say you need help with the support desk as they are receiving too many inquiries that customers can solve by themselves.

To solve this problem, you can create an incoming call rule combining IVR and SMS actions so that a text message (that provides the answers) can be sent to the selected IVR number.

The picture below is a sample of the incoming call rule.


Check the history of text messages sent by SMS

On MiiTel Analytics, the SMS menu will be available to check text messages sent. 


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