How to set up MiiTel RecPod

MiiTel RecPod is a smartphone app that records conversations (e.g., business meetings). You can upload the recording to MiiTel Analytics and analyze the conversation.

Before you start using this app, check Before you get started with MiiTel RecPod.

Download the app

Download the app from the following QR code or app stores.
For Android, scan the QR code with Google Assistant or Google Lens.



System requirements

iOS: 15 or later

Android: 10.0 or later


  •   Make sure MiiTel RecPod has access to the microphone on your smartphone.
  •   If your smartphone is managed by MDM, check the following with your system administrator.
    • Check if MiiTel RecPod is installed on your smartphone.
    • Check if there are any restrictions on using this app.

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