Before you get started with MiiTel RecPod

Before you get started with MiiTel RecPod or if you are currently using MiiTel RecPod, we recommend you check this page and set up the environment so you can use this app effectively.

Smartphone OS that is supported

  • iOS: 15 or later
  • Android: 10.0 or later

Approximate amount of data usage

The size of the recording file made with MiiTel RecPod is approximately 1MB per minute.

Recommended microphones

We recommend you use the 2-Directional Boundary Microphone FR-1100, FR-1000).

You can use the microphone on your smartphone, but the following features are available on the recommended microphone. For more details, check Recommended microphones for MiiTel RecPod.

  2-Directional Boundary Microphone FR-1100, FR-1000 Smartphone microphone
Speaker diarization ✔︎ *1 ✔︎ *2
Speaker identification ✔︎ *3

*1 Each speaker's speech will be segmented while recording the conversation.

*2 Each speaker's speech will be segmented after you upload the recording to MiiTel Analytics.

*3 Each MiiTel user can be identified if you use this microphone with MiiTel RecPod. (Details: Record and upload the recording of the meeting with MiiTel RecPod)  

Settings on your smartphone

  • Make sure MiiTel RecPod has access to the microphone on your smartphone.
  • If your smartphone is managed by MDM, check the following with your system administrator.
    • Check if MiiTel RecPod is installed on your smartphone.
    • Check if there are any restrictions on using this app.

Notice on using MiiTel RecPod

  • We recommend you use this app in a quiet environment.
  • If surrounding sounds or speeches are also recorded, the accuracy of speech recognition will decline.
  • If you are near a wall that tends to reflect sound waves, the reflection of sound waves (echo) can be included in the recording.

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