Recommended microphones for MiiTel RecPod

To record conversations accurately with MiiTel RecPod, we recommend you use the microphones described on this page. The speech analysis results will be different depending on the microphone you use.


Recommended microphones

We recommend you use the following microphones.


The following features are available with the microphones above. The speech analysis is more accurate than the smartphone microphone.

The directionality is set in two directions. Since only the sounds from two directions can be recorded, you can block sounds or speeches made by other speakers.

You can set the directionality from the following patterns. For details, check Change the directionality.


Change the directionality

You can turn ON or OFF the switch in the back of the microphone to change the directionality.

(Switch #1)
180 degree 270 degree
(Switch #2)
Narrow Broad


  •  For other switches besides #1 and #2, please turn them ON.

Recommended location to set the microphone

Regardless of how the directionality is set, make sure the MiiTel user is located on the right side of the microphone's USB cable jack. This placement will allow the MiiTel user to be easily recognized for the speech recognition results.

The image below shows an example of where to place the microphone for recording a conversation between two people with the directionality set to 180 degrees and a narrow range.


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