Announcement: With the update of MiiTel Phone Mobile, we will add new features and make changes to some specifications

From February 1, 2024, we will be updating MiiTel Phone Mobile to increase the convenience of the service.

For the new MiiTel Phone Mobile v3.0.0, we will add new features and make changes to some specifications.



Release date

From February 1, 2024

Affected customers

All customers using the following services.

  • MiiTel Phone Mobile for iOS
  • MiiTel Phone Mobile for Android

Supported OS versions

You can use MiiTel Phone Mobile v3.0.0 with the following OS versions.

  •  iOS: 15 and later
  • Android: 10 and later

New features and improvements

iOS and Android:

  • Screen
    • All screens will have new designs.
    • You can now check the latest announcements by clicking bell-solid.svg on the top right of the screen.
    • The overall display for the iPad will be improved.
  • Keypad
    • You can hold down the backspace button to delete the phone number.
  • Screen during the call
    • If you enter the phone number by IVR during the call, the numbers you have entered will be displayed at the end of the phone number.
  • History
    • You can now select Today, 1 week, etc., for the period.
  • Contacts


    • There will be four tabs (Contacts, Users, Groups, Phone book (Contacts data in your smartphone)). The same tabs will be displayed when you make a transfer.
  • Login screen
    • You can select to show or hide the password.
    • You can save the password by integrating with the password manager of iOS or Android. 
  • Notification
    • Details in the notification:
      • The circuit name will also be included.
      • If the contact person name is registered in Contacts, the notification will be displayed by order of Contact person name (top) and Account name (bottom).
    • Badge notification:
      • The number of missed incoming calls will be included in the notification.
  • Call history
    • From the call history screen, you can check the speech recognition results and replay the phone conversation.
      • With this update, you will not be able to open the call history on the web page, copy the call history's URL, and play the voicemail.
      • Open Call history in browser and Play voicemail will be replaced by Open call history
      • Copy call history URL will be removed.
      • If you are enabling the IP address restriction, you will not be able to use this feature.

    • Actual image
      IMG_0262.png IMG_0263.png en_callreco.png
  • Transfer
    • You can directly enter the internal or external phone number to transfer the call.

MiiTel Phone Mobile for Android:

  • Screen
    • The new design will be the same for both MiiTel Phone Mobile for Android and MiiTel Phone Mobile for iOS.
  • Phone call
    • The app will be supported by Bluetooth's HFP (Hands-Free Profile).

Specification changes

iOS and Android:

  • Transmission method
    • We will remove the transmission of 65061/TCP.
  • Screen
    • You can switch the Caller ID by tapping the circuit name or phone number displayed on top of the screen.
  • Keypad

    • We will change the name of call reject mode to Outgoing calls only. You can switch the mode by tapping the button on the top right of the screen.
    • The keypad button will be moved to the bottom of the screen.
    • If you tap call.png without entering a phone number, you will not be able to use the feature of entering the last dialed number from the keypad.
  • History


    • The filter will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  • Phone call
    • The audio switch method will change as follows.
      • The Bluetooth earphones will become the main audio.
        • If you tap Speaker, the audio will be on speaker mode.
        • If you tap Speaker again, the audio will switch back to the Bluetooth earphone.
  • Incoming call
    • The maximum ring time for MiiTel Phone Mobile will be 30 seconds. Even if you set the incoming call rule with the ring time longer than 30 seconds, the call will go to the next action if nobody answers the call after the phone rings for 30 seconds.
  • Call memo
    • You can add a call memo from the history screen.
    • Histories without any call memos will not have a memo icon displayed.

      IMG_0255.png      en_memoicon.png
  • Transfer
    • If you close the screen when selecting the transfer destination, the call will be removed from hold.

MiiTel Phone Mobile for iOS:

  • Incoming call
  • Call memo
    • The child items of the call memo will also be displayed.

MiiTel Phone Mobile for Android:

  • Phone call
    • Phone numbers will include hyphens.
    • Sounds that are played during the call (e.g., sound when the call is on hold) will be played from the speaker of your device.
  • Incoming call
    • If you are not opening the app, you will not be able to receive incoming calls.
      • However, you can receive calls if:
        • You are opening the app in the background.
        • You are opening the app while your phone is locked.
  • Notification
    • We will change the design of push notifications for incoming calls to the original design of Android OS.

      • This design will be different for Android 12 and later compared to 11 and older.
      • This design will be different for devices made by several manufacturers (e.g., Samsung).


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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