Release Note 2024

March 14


March 7

February 29

February 28

  • We have added μlaw to the audio file formats that can be uploaded with Incoming webhook.

February 15

Feb-13-2024 18-46-40.gif

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  • When copying the speech recognition results of the meeting history, you can now choose to only copy the transcript.


  • You can now delete or edit the call memo on MiiTel Phone. For more details, check Edit a call memo on MiiTel Phone.
  • You can now save up to 750,000 contacts.
  • You can now search for the call history by call memos.


February 9

  • For MiiTel Call Center, we have added the following items to the operator list in the Report and Real-time monitor.
    • CPH: The average number of calls responded per hour while the user was logged in to MiiTel Phone. 
    • Answered calls (%): The ratio of outgoing calls that were answered compared to the total number of outgoing calls.

February 8

February 1

January 25

Before After
Accessible to everyone All users
The host and specific users can access The host and specific users
Accessible to the host The host

January 18

January 12


January 11

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